SCOOP vintage reproduction guitars

TL-`54 (仕様、価格は予告無く変更する場合があります。)

Model name SCOOP TL-`54
body Seleced Light weight swamp ash
Neck Selected Maple 1P 21frets V shape
Fingerboad Maple 210R
Frets Medium Type
Pickups SCOOP original winding `50TL type single coil
Electric CTS POT, CRL SWITCH, Switchcraft Jack, etc.
Bridge Vintage type 3 brass saddles
Machine head Gotoh
Pick guard Aging lacquerd real black bakelite
Finish Light aged ORDERED color or burst by full lacquer with vintage method
(sealer,under coat,color coat , top coat)
Heavy aging process is optional
Case Gator Brand hardcase
Warranty 1year (without finish)
Price See The Pricing Page

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Photo A